From tattoo guns to roses

A job for itchy fingers

Everyone has their own way of coping with stress. When I’m nervous or angry, I try to get my hands busy not to hurt anyone )) Some people twirl their hair or go doodling until the ink in their pen is out, others search comfort in cooking or sit down and knit like spiders. As for me, I find peace of mind in making ikebanas. My mom is crazy about gardening and there are tons of flowers around our house. I’m simply recycling )) You won’t believe how much stuff you can make from a bunch of random plants! I can’t believe I had been living without it all those years )) Of course, it’s messy, a bit dull and, frankly speaking, outdated, but flower art and craft are cool, no matter what they say!

The perks of being a wall flower

By the way, I love flowers not only in mad Japanese-style combinations. Actually, they can look just as great and even better on the wall than in a vase )) It all started when my friend pulled me to an exhibition of floral paintings. I didn’t expect much from it. How cool can it be to paint flowers, I thought. But I must admit, some works really impressed me! One of them was a reproduction of an original canvas by некто Leonid Afremov. This painting immediately caught my eye, because it was the most colorful and unusual of all )) When I came home, I started googling and pretty soon found dozens of Mr. Aremov flower artwork here. At it turns out, he runs some sort of a web store where everyone can see and buy his pictures, and all that without dragging your lazy butt across galleries and home décor shops in search of something you have no idea about. Hail to web shopping! ))

And lastly…

Here is a recipe from my vip collection 🙂

  1. Take 10 to 12 small roses of different color.
  2. Dethorn them and pluck the leaves from the stem.
  3. Choose a few flowers as the base of your composition.
  4. Keep building up your bouquet by adding other flowers.
  5. Make sure the flowers are arranged evenly and nicely.
  6. Use floral tape to hold the bouquet together.
  7. Decorate with ribbons and other fancy stuff.

This one is pretty easy to make and it looks lovely. So if you ever need a wedding bouquet or a showpiece for a handmade competition, it will do just fine ))


Lifehack from Lisa

I would say I’m a pretty cheerful person. I try to remain positive no matter what and enjoy life in all its forms. But sometimes even I get bored )) Then I take matters into my own hands and have fun any way I can, even at the expense of the others )) Yes, I’m a naughty little pranker 🙂 I love shocking people in all possible ways. For instance, I once shaved my legs in a public fountain )) Another time, I rode my friend’s bike dressed in a brutal rock outfit to a soundtrack from the Ninja Turtles cartoon )) My friends say I’m crazy, but I simply try to get the most of the time given to me. We only have one life to live and none of the days we left behind will ever repeat itself. There is a good proverb, ‘Dream as if you lived forever, live as if you died today.’ I believe it’s very true. I try to enjoy my life here and now tasting every drop of emotions and feelings raging inside me. This is my simple secret: live to the fullest and get a kick out of every moment! To conclude with, here is a really funny prank I recently discovered on YouTube:


Hi everyone!

My name is Lisa Waters and I’m a blog addict )) I must have at least a dozen of different blogs all over the internet, including Twitter and Instagram account and whatever happens to me is instantly shared with the rest of the world. What can I say, I’m a sociable person 🙂 My job might surprise you, though. I’m a tattoo artist. When people hear that, most of them imagine a surly, freaky-looking bull with a mortal weapon in his hand ready to drill through your very bones )) Let me assure, girls can handle a tattoo machine just as well 🙂 And of course, I have a couple of tattoos myself! Some of them made by me as well )) Perhaps I’ll show them to you!